Play and Learn with Tyrone and Lesley


click on the title of each song below for lyrics and chords!

Strumalong (from String, 2022) is a tune about and for ukulele groups. It’s composed to be simple, easy and fun to play. Have a listen here. This instructional video takes you through all its elements,  and you should be strumming and humming away within an hour. Share it with your group!

Song by Song: a selection of other songs (by request)

Ukulele Moonset (OPTIMISM, 2017) video sheet music and tablature by Choan Galvez

Moth Song (from OPTIMISM, 2017) video

Ukulele Christmas  (from Baubles, 2015) video

Thankyou *(from Gentlemen Songsters, 2014)

Ukulele Heart *(from Ukulele Heart, 2012) video

Australia is a Dangerous Place* (from Ukulele Heart, 2012)  video

Gentlemen’s Songbook

Gentlemen's songbook title (web)Gentlemen’s Songbook is a small selection of Tyrone and Lesley’s songs created for our 2014 album Gentlemen Songsters. This modest, illustrated collection is available right here, completely free.

With lyrics, chords and Jan Van Dijk’s pictures, you can either download the whole thing, print it out and fold it yourself; or browse and download individual song sheets above as you please. Simply click on the song title to view.

Bottoms (from Ukulele Heart, 2012) video

Bear with Me (from Bear with Me, 2013) video

True Collars (from Gentlemen Songsters, 2014) video

Unaccompanied  (from Gentlemen Songsters, 2014) video

Ukulele In Your Pocket  (from Gentlemen Songsters, 2014) video

You May as Well Smile  (from Gentlemen Songsters, 2014) video

Stewart Greenhill has also set out the chords to this tune, with diagrams..thanks!

Foldable Booklet

Download Foldable Booklet

Download, print (A3), cut and fold for a uke-case sized booklet of your very own.

Extra Bits

Front Cover

Rear Cover

Online ukulele chord resource


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