Tyrone and Lesley in a Spot

InASpotProductionHR-142 (2)

Image: Dylan Evans

This show celebrates 20 years of Tyrone and Lesley. It has played at the Queensland Cabaret Festival and the Brisbane Festival.

Tyrone and Lesley in a Spot is a unique piece of theatre. It’s a performance that knows it’s a performance, it doesn’t try to hide anything… The two men combined music with moving images to create a cabaret show that is a little bit absurd and very charming. …the two were just pure magic together… it would be a sin to miss it. thecreativeissue

…their set exuded optimism and light hearted conversation…both warm our hearts and make our stomachs ache with laughter…a gentle and loveable hour of amusing music…Sibthorpe’s projections were used not only as accompaniment, but as a third character…I’m excited to see where this charming pair goes next… downstagediscernments   

Stunning AV…laugh-out loud… ridiculously funny and honest in a weird way … the musicality is absolutely hilarious  ridehomereview

…wonderfully crafted… defies genre boundaries …Tyrone and Lesley in a Spot will leave you with a smile and a song in your heart. Backstreet Brisbane

With its gentle, unpretentious humour, clever musicianship, airtight timing and deep commitment to gag motifs, Tyrone and Lesley in a Spot is an eccentric and delightful night out.  BrisbaneStage

The musicality of the show is divine…it’s meant to make you laugh and leave your everyday stresses at the door. It’s funny and it’s light. nothingeverhappensinbrisbane


Here’s us talking about it live on Radio National.

Read about how we created it: Part 1  Part 2 Part 3

Created by David Megarrity and Nathan Sibthorpe

Songs by David Megarrity and Samuel Vincent with Kellee Green
Written by David Megarrity
Projections by Nathan Sibthorpe
Performed by Tyrone and Lesley
Produced by Metro Arts

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