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a stunning collection of songs full of wit, mystery, intrigue and joy Uke Magazine (UK)

a cracker Curved Radio

STRING: an odd evening with Tyrone and Lesley (show)

(lQueensland Cabaret Festival,  Metro Arts,  Brisbane March 12,  2022)

It’s all quite cheeky, however, there is also a lovely sentiment to do with moving on around life’s corners and not dwelling in matters of perhaps, which fits with the pairing’s promise of ‘light music for dark times’. Indeed, there is an appealing optimism woven into things, to subtly pull on audience heart strings in stop-and-breathe contemplation of how we spend our time between each day’s sunrise and sunset, supported by accomplished musicality and entertaining stagemanship. Bluecurtains

With evocative, poetic lyrics and clever wordplay, Tyrone and Lesley’s music ranged from comical to melancholy, but always struck a note of whimsy and wonder. A warm and genuine kind of optimism shone throughout the evening, and the work was full of contrasts: music that was nostalgic and old fashioned, yet also catchy and modern; big feelings and questions alongside reminders that, despite it all, You May as Well Smile. Backstreet Brisbane

an amazing performance workersbushtelegraph

More whimsical than eccentric, the deceptively-simple “String: An Odd Evening with Tyrone and Lesley” is charming avant-garde entertainment. The gentlemen songsters may appear as if they are from a different era, but their messaging is very aptly of the now. Bluecurtains


I don’t think there’s a better instrument pairing than ukulele and double bass. They’re made for each other. And that pairing is shown off on Tyrone and Lesley’s beautiful record Have No Words. The album almost entirely forgoes vocals in favour of their perfectly crafted music.  Ukulelehunt

The subtlety behind each and every well-chosen note, the way the instruments braid themselves together, the clever intricacies in the timing and dynamics are sublime. There’s so much space in this music, so much understated sophistication. Indeed, so much goes unsaid, it speaks volumes. Uke Magazine (UK) Issue 25, March 2021 on Have No Words

Optimism (album, 2017)

UKULELE RECORD OF THE YEAR Optimism is the fifth album from Australian uke and double bass duo Tyrone and Lesley and their best yet. It perfectly combines their highly textured, deftly played music with their humorous and silly lyrics. And the album’s overture Ukulele Sunrise is the best opening on any album I heard all year. It’s great to see people keeping the ukulele weird. Ukehunt

The skill needed to pull our emotions from amused jubilation to sombre beauty is a rare one but these guys have it in abundance…I cannot remember the last time I played a ukulele album over and over quite so much. “Optimism” is a combination of wit, charisma, expertise and grace consummated into a superlative album. It’s cliched but I genuinely mean this, if you only buy one ukulele album this year… It truly is absolutely top class. UkePlanet

Woodford Folk Festival

Their set was one of the funniest, most entertaining live performances I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this past year. From ‘Peppercorn’ to the ‘Moth Song’, Tyrone and Lesley manage to play music in a way which not only makes you laugh but makes you reflect on pop culture and the lyrics, or lack of lyrics that it contain. It also makes us reflect on how something that we perceive as funny can actually be very meaningful if we take the time to unpack it. broadwayworld

Tyrone and Lesley in a Spot (Show 2016-2019)

…wonderfully crafted… defies genre boundaries …Tyrone and Lesley in a Spot will leave you with a smile and a song in your heart. Backstreet Brisbane

With its gentle, unpretentious humour, clever musicianship, airtight timing and deep commitment to gag motifs, Tyrone and Lesley in a Spot is an eccentric and delightful night out.  BrisbaneStage

…their set exuded optimism… warm our hearts and make our stomachs ache with laughter…a gentle and loveable hour of amusing music… I’m excited to see where this charming pair goes next… downstagediscernments 

Gentlemen Songsters (album, 2014)

Evoking dancehall bands of the 1930s, ‘Gentlemen Songsters‘ is an old school gem…Tyrone and Lesley have managed to transfer the theatrical comedy of their live shows to record and haven’t lost any of their charm in doing so Ukulele UK, 2014

Gentlemen Songsters is like the big brother to Ukulele Heart… More mature in its tone… ‘All Dressed Up’ can be seen as an analogy for the entire record – inspired by tunes from the 1930’s, it’s a swinging dance anthem that evokes images of Tyrone and Lesley in tuxedos, drinking martinis, and staying up way past their bedtime. Kamuke Magazine Issue 7, May 201

Bear with Me (show, 2012-2022)

…the two were just pure magic together… it would be a sin to miss it. thecreativeissue

A unique and adorable production theupsidenews

this show carries a charm that has you humming the tunes all the way home. Stage Whispers

“…Tyrone, and his beautiful, psychologically rich show Bear with Me.” Sally Chance

“Bear with me was one of the best, most well thought out shows I have ever attended. Absolutely brilliant!” Patron comment, ‘Bear with Me’, Out of the Box, June 2012 QPAC

Ukulele Mekulele (show, 2000-2004)

…consummately performed… a wealth of riches hidden in this theatrical mountain… a kind of magic ticket to another world: imaginative, fun and visually striking. Nigel Pearn, Review of Ukulele Mekulele, Lowdown Magazine 200

“Bear with me was one of the best, most well thought out shows I have ever attended. Absolutely brilliant!” Patron comment, ‘Bear with Me’, Out of the Box, June 2012 QPAC

Tyrone rocks the ukulele; he sure knows his material and has masterful comedic timing. nothingeverhappensinbrisbane

“Few ukulele duos are as personable and quirky as Brisbane, Australia’s Tyrone and Lesley” Ukulelemag

“…like Leunig with a ukulele”         

“Tyrone and Lesley are a uniquely Australian duo – a little bit Lano and Woodley, a little bit Kransky Sisters, a little bit Franciscus Henri … Their jaunty, whimsical repertoire often invites you to up gentler, sepia times you weren’t alive for, encapsulating the highs and lows of human existence.” Cecile Blackmore,

“their lyrical act is a heart-warming series of musical vignettes.” Ralph Shaw

Ukulele Heart (album, 2012)

‘…Ukulele Heart is full of inspired silliness…Whether you’re eight or 80, Ukulele Heart will make you smile.’ Kamuke Ukulele Magazine Issue 4 Sept 2012

…sweetly hilarious songs… Mekulele (show, 2000-2004)

Tyrone…from Brisbane made a strong impression with his unique brand of performance art. He did four or five songs on his uke whilst showing slides of dog shows and Aussie suburbia from the 1960s! It was as strange as it sounds, but in a funny way it worked. Onya, Tyrone! Ukulele Guild of Hawaii

…a fascinating performance from the Brisbane artist, combining songs, slideshow, comedy and, of course, uke.

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